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Monday, January 11, 2016

Pranking My Sister


      Hey Guys!!! Welcome to my blog again!! I  hope you enjoy the last one!! I still can't believe that it was 2016. My start of 2016 was doing sooo great. We will be going to a beach wedding and it was my first time to see a wedding on beach because I usually saw  a wedding in a church. And we will be going to a music festival HOORAAAYY!!! and yes it was also my first time. But today I want to tell all of you that I prank my sister with an alarm clock and it is on YouTube. That is actually my second video.

My cousin and I was planning this a month before we tell her that we will be having a sleep over and a movie marathon with my cousin ( who happens to be a youtuber too). As we all know my sister is a deep sleeper plus she always fall asleep when we are having a movie marathon at some of our sleepovers with our cousins. 

While we our watching the movie she lay her back on the bed and close her eyes. That's the time we fixed the camera and the alarm. And pretend to be asleep. The insane thing in the prank is, it will be alarming every five minutes. On the second alarm she tries to wake me up while I try to hide my laugh. On the last alarm she found us watching her and laughing at her. She didn't even knew that we were vlogging her all the time. So here is the video. Hope you enjoy the video and blog. Hope you subscribe to my blog and to my YT account.

P.S. I want to be friends with some of you who are reading this and I will give you chocolates LOOOL.


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